Anointing pictureAnointing of the Sick

This sacrament unites a person’s suffering with that of Jesus and brings forgiveness of sins. Oil is used during this sacrament and is a symbol of strength, a person is anointed with the oil and receives the laying of a priest hands. For parishioners suffering from a serious illness, preparing for serious surgery, or suffering from age.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Smith, 937-667-3419 x 205,

               Fr. John Tonkin, 937-898-3542,

Baptism PictureBaptism Preparation Class & Baptism

This session prepares parents for the Baptism of their first child. Classes are the first Sunday of every other month starting in February at 1:30 PM in Room 101.  Parents must attend this class before having their child Baptized. We do Baptisms at 12 PM on the 2 Sunday of the month and during the three weekend Masses of the 3rd Sunday, Except during Lent.

Contact: Deacon Chuck Wright 937-667-3419 x 203, 

First Communion PictureFirst Communion

First Communion is celebrated at St. John the Baptist on the last Saturday and Sunday of April at the regular Parish Masses. Parents choose one of the three Masses (5:00 PM, 8:00 AM, and 10:30 AM on Saturday/Sunday) at which they wish to celebrate.  This is where the child receives the Eucharist for the first time-the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The Eucharist nourishes our life of faith becoming one with Christ.

Contact: Deacon Chuck Wright at 937-3419 x 203, 

Reconciliation PictureReconciliation

Through Penance (Reconciliation) we receive God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness requires being sorry for our sins. In Penance we receive Jesus healing grace through absolution by the priest. First Reconciliation is celebrated at St. John the Baptist with the Parish community at the Advent Communal Penance Service. Confessions are heard every Saturday from 4:00-4:30 PM or by appointments.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Smith, 937-667-3419 x 205,

                Fr. John Tonkin, 937-898-3542,


Confirmation seals our life of faith in Jesus and can only be received once. We typically confirm our youth in their Sophomore year of high school.

Contact:  Teri Iverson 937-667-3419 x 207, 

Marriage Prep

Weddings are schedule through the pastor after consultation with him. Preparations must begin at least 6 months before the wedding.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Smith, 937- 667-3419 x 205,

Fr. John Tonkin, 937-898-3542,

RCIA PictureRite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Children (RCIC)

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) and RCIC (Children) are for those who are interested in discerning to become Catholic. This group meets weekly on Monday evening from 7:00-8:30 PM. It begins with the time of inquiring about the Catholic faith and continues through several stages to Baptism at the Easter Vigil. It focuses on prayer, church teaching, church history, Christian decision-making, and social justice issues. The period of Purification and Enlightenment is an in-depth study of each Sacrament.

Contact: Deacon Chuck Wright  937-667-3419 x 203,