God Moments


There have been other “God Moments” around Ascension Press’ Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Today as I was listening, God gave me a real Ah Hah moment that I wanted to share. It was that scripture is like a Flashlight, a Mirror and Sandpaper. It is like a flashlight as it shines the light of truth into the dark recesses and helps me to see God’s action in our world today, and to see those things that I would otherwise miss. It is like a mirror as it reflects my life back to me, both the good and the bad so that I am better able to live a wholesome life as God intends. It is like sandpaper as it smooths the rough edges off, both of me and of my experiences.  It was also noted that a healthy Christian Community embodies the same qualities by being the Light, the Mirror and Sandpaper. Thank you for being my Community and walking this journey of faith with me!

If I could speak the truth

I have not written all of my feelings in words but mostly in the flesh of my actions.

You can read the recesses of my heart by the reflections of how I have lived.

What would my heart say if my God were to unlock the sentinels of my tongue? Would I profess my feelings and be animated as if a court jester?

Or would I have a steady stream of non sense sounding like the cadence of an auctioneer?

Would my mind twist the feelings into words reshaping their meanings to fit the times?

Or would they be witness to what I truly believe deep inside my very bones?

Would these words be fanned by a temping flame to win my in most desires?

Or would these words be the signature of my soul and a reflection of its final home?

Help me lord to understand how I should live my life by guarding my unspoken thoughts.

As you are revealed to me each day as I feel my emotions are forever lost .

Another GOD MOMENT shared by a parish member is the Bible in a Year PodCast by Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jeff Cavins at Ascension Press. This is an amazing daily immersion into scripture and is well worth the time. It’s free and easy to sign up for on your computer or smartphone simply search; ascension press bible in a year podcast.  

“I have been involved in Bible Studies before, but Fr. Mike shows so much enthusiasm for the bible. It is only 25-30 minutes a day. I am learning about why God did things the way He did for the Isrealites.  It makes me think about many things that are happening today.  Best 30 minutes of my day!!”  

“I have always wanted to read the Bible, cover-to-cover but felt overwhelmed. “Bible in a Year” breaks it  down everyday into 25 minute segments in simple terms and includes prayer and reflection. I can listen to the podcast while accomplishing other tasks.  I love learning about our biblical history!” 

” I have tried to read the bible before, but Fr. Mike brings the bible alive!  We listen, we pray and reflect on what we have read.  Fr. Mike’s enthusiasm for the bible is reflected in his every word.  I can hardly wait for the next day’s readings!”  

A Close Encounter of the Spiritual Kind   

By: Kathleen McCrillis

Eucharistic Adoration… Holy Hour, a time to leave the “hustle and bustle” of the outside world and spend some time “face to face” with God.  It is quiet— you can almost “hear a pin drop.”  It is peaceful.  It is palpably a sacred time and space.  It is personal, for that is how God engages with us.  It is individual.  There is no one correct way to “do” Holy Hour.  You don’t even have to be there the whole hour.  But watch out.  Experiencing Jesus in this very real and very raw way can leave you with a hunger for more.

“I Pray Facing the Window”                                             By: Melannie Svoboda, SND

I pray facing the window, the open book upon my lap. As the morning light appears, I glance up and see the oak tree wrapped in fog- a fog so dense only a branch or two is peaking through.

Wow! I whisper, Beautiful

Then I turn my attention back to the printed page but my eyes refuse to stay there. They want only one thing: to gaze upon that tree. And they won’t take no for an answer. So I say; Sorry, Book. Sorry, Holy Words. Sorry, Finely Crafted Phrases. This morning A tree in fog has become my prayer.

(editorial thought; So keep your eyes open you never know when He’s going to surprise you with His presence!)

Gratitude Journal: Here’s an idea shared by a Parish Member. We know that journaling is a long accepted spiritual practice. This is a very simple twist on it. Each day jot down 5 things you are grateful for. That’s it! Over time it will help us to “refocus” our lives and heighten our awareness of all those wonderful gifts that God places before us each day.

What’s your “tried and true” spiritual practice? Share with us and we will share with others, together we grow stronger in the Lord!

Prayer Cards: A fellow Parish member shared that when she see’s something in a book, on-line or from any other source that she will want to remember she makes a note of it on a simple card and places it in her stack of cards. Each day she takes the top card, reads it, and is reminded and can take a moment to reflect on how it’s important for this day too. Then places it at the back of the stack.

Do you have a practice that you can share with us to pass on to others? Wisdom comes in many forms, what we perceive as simple in our lives may very well be quite profound to others.