Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is alive, well, and thriving at St. John’s!    We provide a comprehensive program and enjoy an inspirational and wonderful year of faith formation through social, service, and spiritual activities.

SOCIAL activities provide times to gather, enjoy each other and have fun.  Prayer is always included either at the beginning or the end (or both!) of these activities!

SERVICE activities allow students to get outside of themselves and give to others in the areas of parish, community, and greater church.

SPIRITUAL activities are ways in which students can grow and learn in their own Catholic Faith.  This past year included Christian concerts, retreats, Bible Studies, conferences, and more as opportunities to strengthen their faith.

NEWS AND RESOURCES:  The office of Youth Ministry utilizes multiple media platforms (email, group texts, one calls, Facebook and Instagram among others) to communicate with our parents and students.  The office emails a weekly newsletter with information about upcoming activities/events and happenings.  

YM Summer schedule 

YM Summer events 2021

YOUTH MINISTRY COMMISSION:  The Youth ministry commission is made up of both students and adults whose task is to discuss issues, give opinions, promote the youth ministry program, serve as a representative voice and advise the Director of Youth Ministry.  Nominations are sought in the Spring of each year and a lottery system decides who will serve.

YOUTH GROUP: SJBYG is a vibrant ministry for all students in grades 6-12.  The current goals for the group are to foster faith growth, fellowship and fun.  The group meets monthly on Sunday evenings for social, service, and spiritual activities ranging from preparing casseroles for St. Vincent, to Superbowl parties and more!  There is no cost to attend youth group and friends are welcome!  You must, however, complete and turn in the annual permission form/medical release form!

SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES:  The youth of St. John the Baptist parish are very active in service on the parish level, local level and national level.  Students, on average, donate over 3,000 hours collectively to our parish family and local community…and that number doesn’t include the service trips to other parts of the country!

  • YNIA   Young Neighbors In Action is an intense, week-long service learning experience in which we learn about our Catholic call to work for justice while connecting to meaningful service opportunities.  It helps participants learn how poverty and a lack of direct service, learning and dialogue, cross-cultural sharing, community building, prayer, and recreation.
  • SERVIN’ THE SON– Servin’ the Son Camp  is a  program for incoming 4th, 5th and 6th graders .  In the mornings the youth are placed in small groups and volunteer at local parishes, parks, soup kitchens, and service agencies.  In the afternoons, the youth celebrate community fun at one of our selected social sites such as a putt-putt golf, bowling, Boonshoft and more!  Each day also includes scripture reflections and service-learning activities designed to enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • ST. PHOCUS GARDEN—St. Phocus (the patron saint of gardeners) Garden is a St. John’s Parish Ministry that was started many years ago by a student who attended a YNIA Mission Trip and wanted to share her experience with our parish and community.  Since its inception, the garden has provided thousands of pounds of fresh produce for folks in our LOCAL Tipp City community who would otherwise not have access to them.  Upon harvest, produce is delivered first to Needy Basket and any that they don’t feel they are able to distribute is then shared with St. Pat’s Soup Kitchen in Troy.  This ministry is a direct result of what a student learned on the mission trip about making a difference back home in her community.  Without that experience, it is doubtful that the garden would exist and continue to flourish.  Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this garden will be even more important this summer, so we are asking for your help!  We are asking whole families to take a week (or more) to care for the garden.  Responsibilities include watering/weeding as needed and harvesting/delivering produce to Needy basket 1-2x (depending upon the ripened produce).  What a wonderful way to give back to our community as a family unit!  Please note the date below is the first day of the week (Monday)…your week ends Sunday evening.  Thanks, so much for helping our parish family make a difference in our Tipp City and Troy communities!!! 
  • OTHER SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES:  Throughout the year there are many opportunities for our young parishioners to engage in service both in our parish and in surrounding communities.  Fish frys, babysitting, liturgical ministers at mass, St. Vincent casseroles, are just a few of the options available.  We encourage all of our youth to choose service options that most speak to and interest them.

JUNIOR/SENIOR FAITH SHARING GROUP:  The Faith Sharing Group consists of St John’s juniors and seniors, led by two adult leaders. The group meets on PSR Sundays in Room 107 from 9:00-10:20 am, September through April.  All high school juniors and seniors are welcome to join!  The faith sharing group prepares and presents three peers led retreats, presents the annual Senior Brunch each May. The goals of the Faith Sharing Group are to deepen our faith through sharing with others, develop leadership skills, take active roles in the Catholic Church.

RETREATS:   Our comprehensive PSR program encompasses many avenues of learning and growing in our faith:  the more formal classroom setting, service opportunities and opportunities to grow in our faith in a less formal, fun, concentrated atmosphere.  Part of the PSR experience for our grades 6-12 each year is a retreat.  These retreats are planned and led by the students in our Jr. Sr. Faith Sharing and are full of games, competitions, small groups, skits, witnesses and multimedia experiences.  These students and their adult leaders spend hours fine tuning the retreats to provide a fabulous experience for your child.  Prepare to encounter a powerful faith experience delivered by faith-filled high school students.

  • JUNIOR HIGH RETREAT—   The Jr. High Retreat rotates between 3 different themes:  Beatitudes, Heroes and Relationships.  Each of the retreats aims to dig deeper into our faith journey by looking at how we can live out the Beatitudes in our daily lives, who are the heroes in our lives and who are the heroes in our church and the relationships we have with family, friends and Jesus.  By the time our middle schoolers finish 8th grade, they will have experienced all three of these dynamic retreats.
  • FRESHMAN RETREAT The annual Freshman retreat, There’s No Place Like Home, based on the classic movie the Wizard of Oz is all about changes. The students discuss how to handle changes in their lives. As in the movie a tornado caused Dorothy’s life to change, the students looked at changes they are currently facing such as moving into high school, preparing for college, and even how friendships change over the years. As they travel on their journey down the yellow brick road, they look to identify positive influences in their lives that help them on their faith journey. In the movie Dorothy had the Tinman, Lion and Scarecrow. Students are able to identify and explore the people and groups in their lives that support them on their own journey. It is important for teens to have the support not only of their peers but also their parish family. The final part of the journey explores how to handle temptations. In the movie the Witch was determined to keep Dorothy from reaching Oz, so we explore the things teens today see as obstacles that keep them from their faith or make being a Catholic teen hard. They learn that we all have the powers that God had given us at Baptism to take them home to Heaven. (Ruby Slippers.)
  • SOPHOMORE RETREAT–Our Sophomore retreat is called “Surviving the Real World”  This two day retreat held at Montezuma House explores the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and includes activities based on many reality TV shows such as Amazing Race, American Idol, Fear Factor, Trading Spaces, and Antique Roadshow.   The entire retreat is planned and carried out by our Junior Senior Faith sharing team under the guidance of their adult leaders and includes witness talks, small group discussions, active games, prayer, mass, free time and lots of laughs.  Every year sophomores enter timidly, unsure of what to expect and leave not only having a greater understanding of their faith but also having bonded and had a great time!

SENIOR BRUNCH:  Every year our parish honors our graduating Seniors and their families at mass.    Students process into church in their cap and gowns, participate in the liturgy (if they are already liturgical ministers), carry up the gifts, and receive a special blessing.  Following mass, graduates and families are honored at a brunch planned and hosted by the junior class students and parents.  The brunch is plentiful and includes delicious food, beautiful decorations, inspiring speakers, scholarship presentations, a slide show and celebrating their accomplishments.

FUNDRAISING:  Our parish is very generous to our youth ministry program.  It is wonderful to see youth ministry being supported and encouraged…and we are very grateful.  However, because we continue to strive to provide good, authentic, quality youth ministry, we must supplement with fundraising efforts.  We have narrowed our efforts down to a few good ones that now have some history.

  • DINNER AND A SHOW–This biannual event combines the fellowship of a scrumptious dinner with a live theatre production or comedy night or trivia night.  In the past we have done Nunsense, Nunsense II and Nuncrackers.  This fall we hope to do a Dinner/Trivia night or Dinner/Comedy night to mix things up a bit!  This has been wildly successful for our youth ministry program and includes a 4-course dinner catered by Tipp’s own Coldwater Café, an elegantly decorated and set table, wonderful waitstaff (our students), and fabulous entertainment.  We’ve played to an almost sold out crowd every year so be sure to get your tickets early!
  • COOKIE WALK–This annual event held in December has become a parish favorite.  Specialty Christmas treats are donated by various families and offered for purchase.  There are always at least 20 different types (usually it’s more like 30-40) of Christmas goodies for your shopping pleasure!  You will choose how many of each type you would like and place them in a box we provide.  Your box will be weighed, and you will be charged $7.50 per pound.  It’s a great, no-stress way to get your holiday baking done while supporting a great cause!  Proceeds are used to offset costs of youth group, speakers, mission trips, service camps and more.
  • PANCAKE BREAKFAST–Our 7th grade PSR class, headed up by Kevin Hartke, does a pancake breakfast every year on Palm Sunday.  The menu includes pancakes, Winner’s sausage, and more!  The breakfast cost is by free-will donation and all proceeds from the breakfast are donated to local service agencies (St. Vincent, Needy Basket, etc.) of that particular class choosing.  It is a wonderful event filled with joy, pride, fellowship and serving others!
  • CAR WASH–Usually held in the spring, students and a few supervising adults wash folks’ cars while they are at mass!  What could be better than coming out of mass and driving away in your sparkling clean car?  Knowing your donation is helping provide wonderful activities for our young people of course!

VOLUNTEER:  If you are interested in volunteering (either as an adult or student), please contact Teri Iverson, Director of Youth Ministry at  We are ALWAYS in need of adults willing to take the Safe Environment training who can then volunteer to help with the many youth events and activities our parish provides!  We can’t do it without YOU!