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I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13

The Faith Sharing Group consists of St John’s juniors and seniors, led by two adult leaders. The group meets every Sunday evening in Room 107 from 6-8 PM, September through March. ALL high school juniors and seniors are welcome to join any session throughout the year.

The faith sharing group prepares and presents three peer led retreats, presents the annual Senior Brunch each May.

The goals of the Faith Sharing Group are:

  • Deepen our faith through sharing with others
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Take active roles in the Catholic Church


Junior High Retreat

The annual Junior High retreat is  themed ‘The Justice League’ based on Super Heroes both from the comic books but also the Saints. The Junior High students learned about the ‘super heroes’ also known as Saints of the Catholic Church. They explored topics such as ‘What is a Hero’; ‘Being True to the Hero Within Ourselves’; and ‘Being a Hero to Others’. Students explored who they look up to and who they see as heroes in today’s society. Discussions and activities taught the students that they all are super heroes and have great super powers (GIFTS) given to them by our Father. Empowering the youth with the knowledge that they are all blessed with the “super powers” to do great things was the main focus of this day long retreat. The retreat concluded with the students discovering how they can be heroes to others and use their gifts to go out and do good. The realization that we are all called to sainthood is truly the greatest part of this retreat.

Freshman Retreat

The annual Freshman retreat, There’s No Place Like Home, based on the classic movie the Wizard of Oz was truly a trip down the yellow brick road. The students discussed how to handle changes in their lives . As in the movie a tornado caused Dorothy’s life to change, the students looked at changes they are currently facing such as moving in to high school, preparing for college, and even how friendships change over the years. As they traveled on their journey down the yellow brick road, we looked to identify positive influences in their lives that help them on their faith journey. In the movie Dorothy had the Tinman, Lion and Scarecrow. Students were able to identify and explore the people and groups in their lives that support them on their own journey. It is important for teens to have the support not only of their peers but also their parish family. The final part of the journey explored how to handle temptations . In the movie the Witch was determined to keep Dorothy from reaching Oz, so we explored the things teens today see as obstacles that keep them from their faith or make being a Catholic teen hard. They learned that we all have the powers that God had given them at Baptism to take them home to Heaven. (Ruby Slippers.) Awards of Courage, Wisdom and Understanding were presented to the students for their contributions to the retreat.

Sophomore Retreat

Annually, the retreat leaders from the Junior/Senior Faith sharing group lead the  Confirmation Classes in  a ‘Survivor retreat’ which included activities based on many reality TV shows such as Amazing Race, American Idol, Fear Factor, Trading Spaces, and Antique Roadshow. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that the sophomore class will receive at confirmation were discussed and the fruits of the Holy Spirit were felt by all who attended.