What was the #1 activity done during quarantine? Decluttering! Ever wonder what happens to all that stuff?  It comes to St. John’s annual flea market!  That’s right! Though we are all heartbroken that we aren’t having a festival this summer, we are going to have a very clean, very socially responsible flea market!  So here are all the awesome details:

  • Donations – we are still accepting donations.  You can call, text or email Christy for a drop off time. Tell your family, friends, & neighbors.  We accept most anything, as long as it’s in working order. Any clothes we receive will be passed on to The Clothesline. 
  • Sale – here are the dates and times of the sale:
    • Wednesday, August 19 – 6-8 pm – presale – admission $5
    • Thursday, August 20 – 10 am – 4 pm – sale
    • Friday, August 21 – 10 am – 8 pm – sale
    • Saturday, August 22 – 10 am – 8 pm – ½ price sale all-day
    • Sunday, August 23 – 12 – 3 pm – Everything free w/donation to the church

Don’t Miss out on Signing up for our Book Study! Psalms I is a unique collection of the song-prayers of Israel. To study Psalms is to study prayer, ultimately to enter into prayer. The study will challenge participants to reflect on their own prayer and life experiences.

There are two Sessions to choose from: 

Wednesday afternoons 1:00-2:30 in Room 108 or 

Wednesday evenings after Mass 7:30-8:45 in Room 108

RCIA SESSIONS ARE STARTING SOON: Do you know of someone who has expressed interest in the Catholic Church but hasn’t taken any action on it? How about someone who may have asked questions about your faith and you can tell they are searching? Are you the only non-Catholic in your family and you have questions about the Church? If you are one of these people or know someone like this, invite them to consider our RCIA this year. Better yet tell them you will walk with them on the journey! They can call me or if you contact me, I will extend an invitation to them. Contact Deacon Chuck Wright at 937-667-3419 or email at cwright@stjohntippcity.org