Cemetery Committee

Maintains the Parish Cemetery

Contact: Dale Voisard, (937) 339-3941


Festival Committee

Plans and organizes the annual Parish festival. It relies on many volunteer parishioners to make this fundraiser a success. Planning begins in January for the year’s festival.

Contacts: John Miller, tcsean79@yahoo.com or Theresa Ewing,  theresae@woh.rr.com.


Maintenance Committee

Provides for the maintenance needs of the Parish. Volunteers are needed to support this committee.

Contact: Michael Droesch, 667-4983


Parish Finance Council

Is entrusted with budgeting, accounting and reporting the various financial aspects of the Parish.

Contact: Treva Monnier, (937) 698-3460


Pastoral Council

Is the consultative body of the Parish. The Council meets six times a year; September, November, January, February, April and May at 7:00 PM in room # 107. Open to all parishioners.

Contact: Matt Sinning , (937) 510-1976


Stewardship and Development Committee

An ISPD subcommittee, this group meets to address the stewardship and development needs of the Parish.

Contact: Steve McCrillis, 667-3710