Cemetery Committee

Maintains the Parish Cemetery

Contact: Dale Voisard, (937) 339-3941


Festival Committee

Plans and organizes the annual Parish festival. It relies on many volunteer parishioners to make this fundraiser a success. Planning begins in January for the year’s festival.

Contacts: The Festival Committee is currently seeking a new Chairperson.


Maintenance Committee

Provides for the maintenance needs of the Parish. Volunteers are needed to support this committee.

Contact: Michael Droesch, 667-4983


Parish Finance Council

Consultative to the Pastor, is entrusted with aiding the Pastor in administration of the parish financially and materially as it carries out its mission.   The members of the Parish Finance Council will assist with  budgeting, accounting and reporting the various financial aspects of the Parish.                                                                                                 

Parish Finance Council Members are:   Tim Eggleston egglest10@aol.com , Sandra Hipp  hipp5@frontier.com ,  Rick Monnier  rtmonnier@aol.com ,  Norm Shearer  normshearer@woh.rr.com, and Jenny Swigart, jenny@coldwater-cafe.com.

Contact: Kathy L. Herzog 937-667-3419, ext. 204  kherzog@stjohntippcity.org


Parish Finance Council Meeting Minutes:

Parish Finance Council Meeting Minutes 12-6-2018

Parish Finance Council Meeting Minutes February 7 2019

Parish Finance Council Meeting 3-7-2019 Minutes

Parish Finance Council Meeting 4-4-2019 Minutes



Pastoral Council

Is the consultative body of the Parish. The Council meets six times a year; September, November, January, February, April and May at 7:00 PM in room # 107. Open to all parishioners.

Contact: Jim Kueterman    jkueterman@aol.com





Stewardship and Development Committee

An ISPD subcommittee, this group meets to address the stewardship and development needs of the Parish.

Contact: Steve McCrillis, 667-3710